Cono Weeder

Weeding is the process of eliminating the competition of unwanted plants to the regular crops so that crops can be grown profitably. Management of weeds is an important component of production techniques as eliminitation of weeds is expensive and hard to achieve. Wetland Cono Weeders are becoming popular because they are utilized under shallow water conditions. Weeds are uprooted by the teeth of the weeder and burried in the mud by push and pull operations of the weeder.

The manually operated and improved wetland Cono Weeder is based on the design by the Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering-Regional Centre, Coimbatore. It is safe and environmental friendly.


The Weeder Consists of two metallic cones with blades fixed to a lond handle and a float. The cones have been made with high capacity press tools and state-of-the-art technology. The handle is designed ergonomically for easier operation by a woman worker.

Salient Features:

  • Gender friendly – Women can operate very easily:less drudgerous
  • Low cost of weed control
  • Lighter in weight
  • Much easier to operate than other weeders due to its ergonomic design
  • Burries the weed in the soil itself making it as a natural manure
  • Facilities good aeration of roots
  • Better development of root system
  • Very ideal for weeding in SRI and even in heavy clay loam soil
  • Area of coverage – 0.15 ha/day
  • Saving in labour – 50% compared to manual method
  • Saving in cost – 40% compared to manual method
  • Longer life of the tool

Instruction to use:

  • First weeding is to be done within 30 days of sowing/planting
  • Pass the weeder in back and forth movement between rows
  • Damaged or missing plants need to be replaced at the earliest
  • Second weeding to be done 15 days later
  • Third and fourth weeding can be done based on the crop requirement
Sl. No
Overall Dimension (L x B x H), mm 2140 x 500 x 1070
Weight in Kg 5.5
Working Width, mm 140-160
No. of Cones 2(Metallic)
Height of handle from the ground, mm 1070
No. of bladed in the Weeding Cone

Straight blade – 6
Serrated blade – 6

Blade thickness, mm 1.6, 2
Width of handle, mm 500
Size of float(L x B x H), mm 330 x 120 x 70